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With our company’s growth, we need a brand that is efficient to use and consistent across applications on all markets. This brand library gives an overview of the approved brand identity elements, and provides downloads and resources that can be used to sell and promote Vinolok™ glass closure.

Important note!
All communication made under the Vinolok name must be approved by the Vinolok™ Marketing Department.

Brand essence

The most unique closure in the world. There is no other closure like Vinolok™. It is made from pure Bohemian glass. Glass is a material proven over centuries for storing beverages. Vinolok™ closures offer unparalleled combination of eye-catching beauty and technical functionality, while being fully recyclable.

Brand promise

Vinolok™ is a glass closure for elegant and creative packaging. It allows brands to enhance the design like no other closure. At the same time, it secures the content of the bottle. It turns every bottle into an exceptional packaging.

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Vinolok’s core audiences


The challenge for every winemaker is to make the best wine. The moment the grapes are harvested is crucial for making awesome wine. Wine bottling can be the last process of the production. Vinolok™ is here to take care of it.

Key benefits:
1. Increase the value of the product
2. No impact on aroma or flavour
3. Consistent wine development
4. Fully recyclable closure

Spirit producers

Distillation is a relatively complicated process. Every single detail matters. Producers choose the best ingredients, all equipment and they also control the environmental procedure. Once the product is ready, here comes the bottling. To stand out, you have to be unique. Vinolok™ closure with its many design possibilities helps to create an imaginative product.

Key benefits:
1. Amazing customisation and design options
2. Easy opening and closing without damage
3. No impact on aroma or flavour
4. Fully recyclable closure

Packaging designers

Packaging design plays an important role in how customers perceive the company and, in extension, the brand itself. Investing in great packaging can make them more attractive to customers, because a third of the decision-making process is based on the packaging itself. Vinolok™ offers unlimited possibilities of design options and is the most creative closure in the packaging industry.

Key benefits:
1. Allows brands to express their uniqueness
2. Amazing customisation and design options
3. Ability to design own shape of the closure
4. Fully recyclable closure

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Consistency of the Vinolok™ brand 

Since Vinolok is sold in all around the world, we must strictly adhere to the consistent use of all its elements of the brand, be it the logo, the colours, but also the claims about the brand and the headings and texts.

Logo & identity



Important note!
All communication made under Vinolok name must be approved by Vinolok Marketing Department.

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